Drive-In Movie Theatres have been granted the privilege to open in phase one. For the safety of our employees and our patrons, different operating procedures have been adopted using the guidelines set forth by the CDC and NYS Dept of Health. The information and procedures set forth in this document are in addition and in some cases may supersede the "Rules of Conduct" as outlined in our regular information flyer and on our official website. With God willing, we can be back to a real normal next season. Sadly, we will miss the personal interaction with our patron, but we will still be glad to see you back, even at a distance.

Tickets: We have installed an online ticket option, go to our web page and select "Order Tickets Online". We encourage everyone to purchase your tickets on line. By doing so you will help avoid personal contact from credit cards and cash with our box office employees. They will have a scanner to validate your purchase on paper voucher or your smart phone. (Yes, we will still accept cards and cash at the box office) Further because we will be a 50% capacity you can find out if we are sold out before driving all the way to the theatre. If you plan to bring your own food, a food permit will be required, please purchase you permit on line with your tickets.

Parking: We attempted to set up a system using colored post for parking, however because of the geometry of the lot we discovered it would not work as well as we hoped. So, fortunately, we can rely on the good common sense of our patrons. Park ONE vehicle between the posts, instead of our normal two, keep the spacing six feet or greater. You must not block the view of someone already parked. We reserve the right to assign your parking spot. If you will be sitting outside, you may set up your blankets and chairs in the front or back of your vehicle, Not the sides! This is to conform to social distancing. We will NOT be able to loan radios while social distancing is in effect, make sure that if your car radio does not work to bring one of your own! (the wi-fi sound is also an option).

Concession Stand: We will have all of our concession food and drink available, how we dispense it will be different. Social distancing is in effect and will be enforced. You must wear a mask when entering the building, if you do not have a mask you may not enter the concession stand. No mask No service! A hand sanitizing station will be available when you enter, please sanitize before you continue down the counter. Six-foot markers are on the floor to help keep your social distance. You will not be able to pick up your own popcorn or use the self-serve soda machine, and attendant will get these items for you. You may select your own candy and ice cream. When you order prepared food, where you would receive a pick up slip and wait in the area for you order has been modified. When we print your pick-up slip, we will ask you for your phone number to pair with your pick-up number. You may then return to your car, we will call you by phone when your order is ready, and you may pick your order up at the new pick-up window we installed for the occasion. We also ask that when possible you complete your transaction with a credit/debit card to limit exposure to our cashier.

Restrooms: The restrooms will only be accessible via the outside door on the road side of the building. We have installed metered faucets so you do not have to touch anything after you wash your hands. We have also replaced the paper towel dispensers with automatic dispensers. The doors to the restrooms will also be propped open. Thus, after you wash and dry your hands you need not touch anything to get out and back to your car. You must be wearing a mask when you enter the restroom area, and adhere to social distancing protocol as much as possible. The restrooms will be getting extra cleanings per the CDC and DOH guide lines. We ask that you consider using the restrooms during the movie instead of waiting for intermission to help spread out the traffic so everyone is not trying to use the restroom at the same time!

A Message From The Owners: Needless to say we are navigating in uncharted waters this season at the Black River Drive In Theatre. The good news is that as of this writing (2020-05-21), there are only 4 active covid-19 cases in Jefferson County. That should indicate that the chances of catching the virus should be very low. Besides opening six weeks late, we are opening at ½ of our capacity, made modifications to our building infrastructure, and our general business model, all at considerable expense in order to serve the public. The driving force in most of our changes has been for the concern and safety of our employees and customers. We do ask that if you have any symptoms of covid-19 or have any reason to think you have been exposed to covid-19, that you do not attend our theatre until you have quarantined for 14 days or have been tested and cleared. If any one of our employees were to test positive for covid-19 the chances would be very great that we would have to close for at least two weeks. Hollywood is also affected by the pandemic; therefore, the selection of movies will be a bit of a challenge until the studios also get up and running. We will be working closely with our booking agent to bring you some good movies. We believe that with our belt tightened, we will get through this season, be back to normal next season, with some good stories to tell. We understand that with all the changes there will be some bumps in the road, we ask for you understanding and to work together with us to smooth them out. We look forward to seeing you back! Enjoy The Show!

Best Regards to all, Loren & Denise Knapp, Black River Drive In Theatre

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